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Meet Kelli Jacob...
Certified Instructor/Owner

Owner & Lead Instructor, Kelli Jacob, voted "Best Pilates Instructor of Northern Virginia" in Northern Virginia Magazine!!

Kelli has been serving people in health and fitness since completing her studies in Pyschology and Business at Wright State University in 1992. She relocated to Ashburn in 1998 along with her husband and three children. She began studying Pilates in 1999 and realized what a tremendous impact The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning developed by Joseph Pilates had on people. She decided to turn her passion for Pilates into a career and started Ashburn Pilates, formerly known as Premier Pilates of Ashburn, in 2005.

She earned a Professional Certification through, and continues her studies in the Peak Pilates System Certification Program which has involved years of training and student-instructor experience.

Kelli truly cares about people and loves seeing them change their bodies, grow in confidence and improve their overall well being by practicing the methods Joseph Pilates spent his entire life developing to help people.



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