Click Here for All Service Offerings & Pricing Information: Group Mat, Privates, Duets... Cadillac, Tower-Reformers, MVe Chairs & Other Equipment available.

Weather Policy: Call Studio two hours before your class for updated message to see when & if your class will be held.

Studio Information: Call Kelli at 571-344-9272 for more information.


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Northern Virginia Pilates Studio located in Loudoun County Virginia

Contact Kelli (571) 344-9272 to schedule your Pilates

Kelli with Class using Circles Fun Times... Kelli on MVe Chair

Owner & Lead Instructor, Kelli Jacob, voted "Best Pilates Instructor of Northern Virginia" in Northern Virginia Magazine!!

A special THANK YOU to our customers for making this possible!!

Some of the Equipment









Strengthen Core

Build Confidence

Improve Flexibility

Improve Posture

Relieve Backache

Flatten Stomach

Reduce Stress

Loudoun County Agency on Aging

"In 10 lessons, you'll feel the difference
In 20 lessons, you'll see the difference
In 30 lessons, you'll have a whole new body!"

Joseph H. Pilates

"...teaching the authentic work of Joseph Pilates."

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